• What is Krav Maga

  • What is Krav Maga? A Fighting System that Works for All

    Self-Defense for REAL LIFE!

         Krav-Maga originated in Israel under battlefield conditions and adapted very efficiently to real life on the streets! It is based on natural reactions to events, so it is easy to learn AND easy to remember.

    We have trained people in Krav Maga all over the world, thus expanding and continuing its' founder's (Imi Lichtenfeld) philosophy that nobody should have to live in fear, but instead, one should train in Krav Maga so that "one may walk in peace."

         CounterStrike Krav Maga has designed its own mixture of cardio and core strength training fitness program that is sure to get you sweating! Loose unwanted pounds and sculpt lean muscle. Krav Fit consists of a no partner no injury work out with many of the warm ups, and techniques used in our regular Krav Maga training, with the addition of a lot of pad pounding, but at a much easy pace. Each class typically lasts about 30 minutes.

    This is recommended for those who are not already in great physical shape, we encourage all who want to begin getting in better shape, improve overall health, and their quality of life. Jump in and give it your best, that’s all we ask. You may be surprised how much you are capable of accomplishing. And, we’re all a team, a family who’s in this together, so no one gets left behind. Stop making excuses and start today!

     Look Better! Feel Better!